Welcome to South Devon MDC website. We would like to promote the hobby of metal detecting, and to bring together like-minded hobbyists around Devon in the fields.

My name is Sam LeBailly, and i've been metal detecting for a while now. I have two metal detecting buddies, Jason and Graham, and we have spent many hundreds of hours in the fields (With landowners permission), uncovering lost history and recording it with the FLO (Finds Liasion Officer) for the British museums' Portible antiquities scheme, which can be found here - https://finds.org.uk

I had the idea of starting up a local club, so a few of us can meet up for a days detecting every other week, and Share tips/show off finds.

All members are insured by either the NCMD (National Council for Metal Detecting) or the FID (Federation of Independant Detectorists) for up to £10,000,000 . Both are recognised by the National Farmers Union.